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What is LLLT and How It Could Help You

In the world of physical therapy services and treatments, there are a variety of different ways to try and rehabilitate the human body. Methods have utilized everything you can think of, and some things you haven’t, from needles to cupping to hot stones. What about lasers though? That might sound pretty intense, but in reality, the current technology behind certain forms of laser therapy could offer an incredible way to rehabilitate certain issues with the physical body. LLLT or low-level laser therapy, is a newer form of physical therapy that uses low-power lasers to potentially relieve pain and stimulate cell function in certain problem areas of our bodies. The frustrating and recurring pain you are experiencing in your body might just be one LLLT treatment away from being improved forever. Keep reading to learn more about LLLT and how a session with JADED Body Wellness and Spine Institute in Wasilla could make all the difference.

LLLT: Low-Level Laser Therapy

When you hear the word “laser”, you might think of a spy breaking into a secure building, or the Star Wars movies, but those lasers are a little bit different to the ones used in LLLT. Lasers are actually somewhat common for use in the medical field, with high-power lasers being used to precisely cut or destroy tissue. However, LLLT uses low-power lasers, which are much more comparable to strong LED lights. The idea behind low-level laser therapy is to produce a photochemical reaction from the light that is emitted, and potentially support the function of your cells, which supports the greater physical function of your body. The purpose of LLLT is to accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself, simply by supporting/inducing the natural healing processes going on already. 

The laser-light-induced biochemical changes that motivate the use of LLLT closely resembles the photosynthesis process in plants. Just like the photons from the sun are absorbed by the cellular photoreceptors within plant bodies and trigger chemical changes, the potential behind an LLLT treatment is to induce similarly beneficial chemical changes within our own bodies, by using a specific type of light wavelength. The different wavelengths of light are the determining factor that creates different colors and also determines their penetrative strength. The light used in LLLT therapy utilizes light with wavelengths that fall within the 660–905 nanometer range, so red to infrared. These wavelengths are the ideal range for the use of LLLT, as they are able to penetrate both soft/hard tissue, and have been shown to have a consistent effect on pain, inflammation and tissue repair in clinical trials. The result of an LLLT treatment is a potential reduction of inflammation, pain relief and potentially accelerated tissue regeneration.

LLLT Treatment at JADED Body Wellness

With all the aches and pains that can overcome your body throughout your life, it is quite important to find any and every way to support your physical health. Low-level laser therapy can offer an easy and pain-free way to try and reduce the pain and swelling that makes your daily life harder. It’s quick, simple, and simply tries to improve the processes that are already hard at work trying to rehabilitate your body. Jaded Body Wellness and Spine Institute is a reliable provider of physical therapy services, and low-level laser therapy treatments are just one of a variety of physical therapy methods that we have to get your body to it’s best. We proudly serve Wasilla and Girdwood, AK and the surrounding areas, and we strive to improve the mobility and daily lives of every patient we interact with. Contact us today and see how our team at Jaded can support you.

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