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Cash-based practice finally brings transparency to health care. With a cash-based model you no longer have to battle with insurance companies to get paid, or referrals for treatment, nor does the payment model change arbitrarily at the company’s whim.  With insurance reimbursements on a steady decline, and high deductible and co-pay plans becoming far more popular, JADED has provided an opportunity to those who seek to take control of their healthcare and want to avoid patient care being dictated by financial greed and insurance reimbursement politics.

Our cash-based model is designed not only for those who continue to make themselves and their bodies a priority, but also for those who would like to avoid the drama of insurance reimbursement nightmares, high deductible plans, shady medical denials, or insurance plan limitations and early discharges.

After 15 years of practicing Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapy, Dr. Jade Ekle keeps hearing the same words:

“I just can’t stretch myself the same way that you do.”

“If I had somebody that could STRETCH me every day, I would have NO pain at all.” 

And for the highly motivated patient, “As long as I keep up with my MOBILITY and  STRETCHING, I NEVER have pain.”

For these reasons exactly, JADED now provides full body stretch & mobility cash-based treatments that allow our specialized clinicians to do the hard work for you, so that you can maintain a vibrant and pain free lifestyle.

Cash Based $40: Full body Stretch Session (20 min.)

JADED STRETCH Session: Our JADED Stretch Session is tailored to address full body stiffness, flexibility and muscle tension impairments.  You will receive a full 20-minute proprioceptive neuromuscular passive and dynamic stretch session on a moist heating pad while targeting nearly every single muscle in your neck, jaw, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, back, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes.  You lay there, and we do the work.

Cash Based $150: Full Body Stretch, Massage, Mobility Session (60 min. Signature Treatment)

JADED Signature Treatment: Our JADED Signature Treatment (ST) is a full body combination of massage, stretching, mobility and alignment. Our goals are to leave the client with loose muscles, mobile joints, emotionally relaxed, and mentally informed. This full body stretch, and mobility session is highly skilled, customizable and personalized.  The areas that are most stiff, or painful will receive more attention.  You will have a full hour one-on one treatment session dedicated to stretching nearly every single functional muscle in your body, mobilizing every single joint, and massaging every single tense, spasmed or tight muscle from head to toe.

Cash Based $70 per body region: Biomedical and Intramuscular Dry Needling Session

JADED Biomedical & Intramuscular Dry Needling:  Our JADED Dry Needling Sessions are a combination of Biomedical Dry Needling and Intramuscular Dry Needling performed precisely to targeted anatomical regions of the body to address underlying tension, pain, or injury. Dry needling is a treatment using very fine filament needles to penetrate the skin and affect the underlying structures such as muscles, nerves, or ligaments. Needles activate the built-in survival mechanisms that normalize homeostasis and promote self-healing.  With Biomedical Dry Needling, needles are inserted to cause micro-injuries to symptomatic areas, associated nerves, and surrounding structures, signaling the body to jump start the healing process. Intramuscular Dry Needling, targets tense muscle fibers by using the needles to elicit a twitch response and reduce tension within the muscles. Our cash-based JADED Dry Needling sessions are only performed by a certified Doctor of Physical Therapy and allow you to take charge of your body treating the areas of your choosing.

Cash Based $80: Full Body Joint Mobilization and Manipulation Session (30 min.)

JADED Mobilization & Manipulation Session: Our JADED Joint and Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation Session combines highly skilled passive movement of targeted skeletal joints throughout the entire body to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction.  Your doctor will systematically examine and assess your entire body for movement dysfunctions, joint stiffness,  alignment issues, postural concerns, and biomechanical impairments.  You then will receive precise joint and spinal manipulation, that may include High-Velocity Low-Amplitude (HVLA) thrust techniques, to affected joints in order to improve joint accessory mobility, increase blood flow, decrease pain, increase range of motion, facilitate alignment and relax tight, spasmed muscles.



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