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An important element in providing proper physical therapy care to our patients is first allowing them to fully understand the vision, mission, and philosophy of JADED. Please read the following, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to bring them with you to our outpatient physical therapy clinic in Wasilla or Girdwood.

Our Philosophy

  • Four Pillars of Success:
  • Alignment, Posture, Body Mechanics and Ergonomics
  • Flexibility, Joint Mobility, Range of Motion, Proper Movement Patterns
  • Strength, Stabilization, Endurance, and Activity Tolerance
  • Mind/Body Understanding, Stress Management, Having a Vision and Path to Heal

Our Vision

To become a gateway for human potential, through effective rehabilitative therapy and recovery, and to become the most elite and reliable physical therapy destination in Alaska.

JADED Core Values

At JADED we have instilled a fundamental belief system with all our doctors and administrative staff, which form the foundation on which we perform therapy treatments, support our patients, and conduct ourselves as professional practitioners.  Our core values underlie our patient care, how we interact with each other, and the physical therapy strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. This mission is to provide effective knowledge and a one on one rehabilitative healing experience while exceeding all expectations to return our clients to the most optimal potential of health and wellness.

    • Connection- We create a strong connection with each patient we see, mentally, physically, and compassionately, through hands-on physical therapy and care
    • Passion – The value we are probably most proud of is our passion. We have the courage and the integrity to not only help our patients return to living life pain-free but also be a physical therapy destination of happiness and healing. Working at JADED is not a job, but a career, and a passionate one at that. Our calling matches who we are.  We do provide effective rehabilitative therapy services for hours on end, we make a positive difference to others, we are passionate about the work and effort we put in every single day. We come to work to perform tasks that make us feel alive. It’s not about our success —it’s about giving, thinking and serving. At JADED we shift our focus away from a job and make it our calling because it is. 
    • Entrepreneurial Spirit – We inspire our employees to develop self-worth and a winning mindset through their physical therapy work. Our founder Jade Ekle prides himself on operating JADED by the famous billionaire Richard Branson’s quote, “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” We proudly push our staff and doctors towards becoming the best version of themselves and provide an environment to help that desire not only survive but thrive.
    • High Standards - We will simply work until no patient leaves dissatisfied. Exceeding all expectations from the second they walk in the door to the last second they walk out, feeling better and more alive is ingrained in our physical therapy philosophy. We strive to make sure our clients experience and know the value of our treatments and the value of patient care at JADED Body Wellness and Spine Institute.

Our Mission

  • Provide quality physical therapy service and hands-on experience while exceeding all expectations to return our clients to the most optimal potential of physical health and wellness.
  • To move away from the stereotypical execution of basic “cookie cutter” physical therapy treatments.
  • To educate physicians, clinicians, and patients on the evolution and growth potential of high-quality manual therapy and hands-on therapy.
  • To validate that quality should always precede quantity.
  • To change the current medical configuration of avoiding dedicated patient care and allowing treatment to be dictated by financial greed and insurance reimbursement politics.
  • To educate people that physical therapy is not only utilized for major disabilities, but for any impairment disrupting them from living a prosperous life full of wellness.
  • To combine a variety of evidence-based, scientifically proven eastern and western non-surgical medical care.
  • To help people to understand that if they are not seeking surgery, medication, or injections… physical therapy may be their #1 option.
  • To revolutionize society’s perspective and understanding of physical therapy and rehabilitative therapy.

Recognize Common Misunderstandings

    • There is no magic pill or surgery.
    • Just because your doctor says....does not always mean that it is right, or your only option. Always seek multiple physical therapy specialist opinions.
    • Pain is normal...being in pain all the time, is not normal.
    • There is no direct correlation with tissue damage and pain.
    • Medication, surgery, and injections will not necessarily fix the reason why you were hurt in the first place.
    • Do not be afraid to utilize your insurance or workman compensation benefits. Having insurance is a privilege, and it is your right to live a healthy, pain-free life.
    • A chiropractor is not going to just manipulate you into alignment and fix you alone.
    • A masseuse is not just going to massage your muscles and fix you alone.
    • A physical therapist is not just going to give you a bunch of exercises to strengthen your body and core and fix you alone.
    • An acupuncturist is not just going to place needles all over your body and fix you alone.
    • A psychiatrist is not just going to clear your mind and get rid of all your stress to fix you alone.

    Our team of doctors are not chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychiatrists, or masseuses. We are Doctors of Physical Therapy who specialize in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy in Wasilla and Girdwood, Alaska. We will work on your body as a whole, as physical therapy specialists that are more than overqualified! What if you could go to one place where a specialized team of doctors work together on your body as a whole and treat all 4 pillars of success in combination to create that perfect therapy package?

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