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Please read a few of the many great physical therapy success stories shared by our clients at JADED. If you would like to add your own personal testimonial about our clinic please email us at with a description of your experience and a photo.

I am a lifelong Alaskan, I have always been physically active. Raced snowmachines for 30 years, Alaska state champion several times, 7 time Irondog Champion, I am a pilot, big game guide, and own a hunting/fishing lodge.

In October 2018 I had rotator cuff surgery that required 9 anchors. After surgery, I started physical therapy to improve motion and strength in my shoulder. Jaded designed an excellent therapy program for me. Everyone at Jaded set a higher standard, including giving me exceptional treatments and personalized therapy plan.

After surgery and 3 months of physical therapy I had my motion and strength back. Amazing group of people, they care about you and strive to make your recovery 100% and improve quality of life.I definitely recommend Jaded as the best physical therapy.

John Faeo

2019 John Feao Picture

"I am an extremely active individual and I was devastated at the thought of ACL/Meniscus surgery due to rehab and down time. My surgery went well and thanks to Dr. Ekle, I was on my feet, working out, and hiking again in no time. I had very little down time due to the aggressive rehab program Dr. Ekle put me on.

"I have the highest praise for Dr. Ekle; my experience with him was excellent. A few words to describe him would be: professional, empathic, understanding, caring, informative, and encouraging. He also has a very friendly personality and he seems to build a strong rapport with each and every one of his patients. I cannot THANK Dr. Ekle enough for my full and speedy recovery; I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Lisa B.

"Dr. Jade Ekle has helped me out tremendously. I put a lot of wear and tear on my body traveling the world to mountain bike and compete in contests. He has helped me gain a better understanding of my body by teaching me what I can do to fix and preserve its well being. With out his help I would not be able to live such a great and active lifestyle."

Rich H.

Professional Downhill Mountain Biker, Pioneer Peak Hotshot


"Dr. Jade Ekle is the sort of man that truly is passionate about his work and his patients well doing. Working as a wildland firefighter, injuries are just part of the job. At least I thought that way for four years. Until I met Jade and after helping recover my body to a good standard, he helped retrain my body and mind to prevent injuries in the future. Through his positive attitude and range of knowledge, he blends the eastern and western philosophies of healing and has come up with fantastic results for myself and fellow crew members. He has helped change my life, for with proper healthy injury free body, the mind and spirit are free to flourish. Thanks Jade, miss ya brother."

Mathew Y.

Pioneer Peak Hotshot

"I have been to quite a few different physical therapists, and Dr. Jade Ekle has been the most well-rounded, and informed one ever. I always feel better after, or worked in an awesome way after. He has been great on educating me on what is going on in my body and what I should do outside of his clinic to fix bad habits and perfect my bad habits. He takes his job to the fullest and maximum potential and he truly wants you to know your body for a long and healthy life."

Dan W.

Pioneer Peak Hotshot


"I'm a 32 year old carpenter with about 60 years of abuse on my body. I just thought my back was always going to hurt. I just thought that pain was a part of my trade, a part of my life. Chiropractic care did nothing for me long term, massages did nothing for me long term, everything I did seem to do absolutely nothing for me long term. Dr. Jade Ekle implemented much more than just quick "adjustments" to my back, and within a month I finally felt relief. After two months, I felt better than I could ever remember feeling in my life. I would seriously recommend JADED physical therapy to anyone who "works", or abuses their body for a living. Thanks again Jade!"

Josh H. Carpenter

I have had 3 different surgeries that I have went to Jaded for my physical therapy as well as several injuries. The doctors there have rehabed me and kept me active in my rodeos and my ability to have such great success. Dr. Ekle has kept me winning in the arena all summer. I have won 10 buckles and 2 saddles this year thanks to the amazing treatment I have received at Jaded Physical Therapy and Wellness and Dr. Ekle.

Bridgette Gibson-Fry

Top Rodeo Athlete & Barrel Racer


My son Laramie is a wrestler and an all-around rodeo competitor. He has been seeing Dr. Ekle since his wrestling injury back in March and then again this summer with his junior bull riding injuries.  Dr. Ekle has been phenomenal in keeping him a champion both on the mat and in the rodeo arena.  He won many medals in wrestling and won 10 buckles and several championships and all-around titles this summer thanks to Dr. Ekle keeping him fit to compete by doing such a great job in his therapy treatments.

Laramie Gibson

Wrestler, Cowboy & Junior Bull Rider

"Dr. Ekle's holistic approach to Physical Therapy provides relief for the mind, body and soul. Not only is he my Doctor, but a counselor and a friend as well."

Mark S.

AK Smokejumper, and Pioneer Peak Hotshot


"I hurt my knee last fire season and thought my career was over. I started going to see Dr. Ekle, and he not only made it so I could finish the season, but also so my knee was strong enough to spend my winter kite boarding and rock climbing all over South East Asia. He is very personable, and educated. Jade works very hard to get you better, and genuinely cares and wants to see you get healthy. Dr. Ekle pushes you to your highest capacity in order to live a great life."

Lafe M.

​Pioneer Peak Interagency Hot Shot Crew, AK Smokejumper

"Thanks Jade, I appreciate all you have done! When I watched my knee brake on the fire line, and move in a direction I could never imagine it was supposed to, I thought my career was done, along with all my sport and leisure activities. I love to ski and I love to work as a Hotshot Wildland Fire Fighter. Because of you, they are both still a big part of my life. Again, thanks a lot Dr. Ekle."

Daniel S.

Pioneer Peak Hotshot

Jeff Picture 2019
Jeff Pic 2019

"I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for helping me make it back for my last hoorah in the sky. I can't tell you how great it felt to leap into the sky with this incredible group of Brothers! Thanks again..."


AK Smokejumper

I cannot thank Dr Ekle and his staff for their hard work and caring for my fellow crewmates and myself. While working as wild land firefighters it is not uncommon to occur wear and tear on the body or significant injury requiring extensive care or surgery. After many years in the business and my own back and knee injury I was living in a constant sate of pain that was deteriorating my quality of life. Through a little hard work and the stellar high quality treatment of Dr Ekle I have learned to heal and manage my pain. Many of the firefighters that I serve with have similar stories and we are all indebted to Jaded Body Wellness and Spine Institute for their professionalism. We are now a much healthier and better-educated crew. In addition through DR Ekle we have become stronger through his guidance and coaching as strength and conditioning expert. Thank you Jade for showing us the way and keeping me in the job I love.

Matt Jones, Crew Superintendent

Pioneer Peak Interagency Hot Shot Crew


"Excellent service. Well worth the drive from Anchorage. Very knowledgeable. Helps with my all over well-being. Ryan knows exactly how to help. Very kind."

Teresa H.


​"Service is great. Best variety and helpful treatment I have ever had or seen. The many different ways my injury has been treated has improved and made my recovery more pleasant than ever expected."

William D.


"I don't know how I would have made it through my last pregnancy without you guys! I never realized how important physical therapy was. Postpartum PT has been a God send as well! If you are living in pain, there is hope. You don't have to hurt, give Jaded a call. Thank you to the amazing physical therapists at Jaded who have improved my quality of life, and sleep!"

Becky M.



"Jade and his wife run an excellent practice! I have received nothing but the best care and wonderful service here. Jade is much more knowledgable and helpful than any other PT I have seen thus far. The ability Jade has to heal and improve range of movement is a wonderful asset to anybody looking to use their body to it's fullest potential!"

Adam W.



"After months of trying to figure out why my back and neck had started to hurt, Jade has been the only Physical Therapist able to completely explain why the pain is occurring and make it completely disappear! I am excited to continue to be treated by Jade at JADED as long as I am in need of Physical Therapy care and preventative care!"

Jessie M.


"Jaded Body and Wellness spine institute is the only physical therapists I would recommend in the State of Alaska! Jade has not only fixed my back, he has fixed several of my hard working, highly motivated, firefighter friends. Jaded will work with your lifestyle, giving you confidence and the Physical ability you need to do the things you love! Thanks Jaded."

David F.



"The whole staff is great & friendly. I have gained relief [from pain] and movement. Only place that with different care & techniques to keep me pain free and help with my different issues. They will not stop till you feel better. They have been my only hope in 2 years. I love this place!"

Nicole D.



"After a few years of struggling with increasing knee and back pain, I took the advice of a trusted friend and started working with Dr. Ekle. I was skeptical, having never done any sort of physical therapy or medical treatment of any kind for that matter. That didn’t last long though. I could immediately tell that not only was Jade extremely well educated, practiced, and passionate about his work, but he also has the unique ability to interpret and explain the details in a way that lets me understand and be involved in my recovery without being intimidated. I always leave a session with Jade not only making me feel better physically, but also like I had just been treated by a friend…who happens to specialize in physical therapy. I have no doubts, that with Dr. Ekle’s help and my own dedication, the path I am on will lead to an exponentially healthier future."

Chad B.



"My hubby and I have been going to Jaded for a couple of years and they helped us get back to pain free lives with lots of alternative amazing treatment options. Even if I moved out of the area I would drive back for this outstanding clinic. Our go to for all our aches and pains!!! They are miracle workers!"

Adriana F.



"I’ve has such a wonderful life changing experience here. Both docs have an ability to pick up on people’s personality and abilities. Every goal that I set or they set found a way to be reached. I believe I would not be where I’m at today in by rehab if it wasn’t for the care and extra time they put into my program. I’m very grateful for everyone's friendliness and caring here. Can’t say enough. It was a blessing when I was referred here.

Paul W.



"I am very thankful for the progressive approach to physical therapy at Jaded. I’ve been here for a few injuries (neck, back and knee) and have been well cared for each time. I’ve been to other PT’s who wanted to simply watch me do various abdominal exercise at PT for my back. I’ve worked out my whole life and am in good shape. More ab workouts were not going to heal my back. Jaded used a combination of needling, cupping and manual therapy and I felt so much better. This is the office for you if you’re tired of being treated like cattle in on the local chain PT offices. The team here is very personable and the vibe in the office modern and proactive. Dr. Ekle and staff truly care about your health. I also want to give kudos for the medical billing team. In every other office it’s such a chore but Christine at Jaded doesn’t treat you like an inconvenience. The Valley is lucky to have such a great crew!"

Alaskan G.



​"As a bedside RN for over 20 years I have encountered many physical therapists, both professionally and personally. Dr. Ekle has guided my recovery from two rotator cuff repairs in addition to other health compromises. I found him to be personable, informative, compassionate, and a true professional and master of his skills, using his vast knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to aid me in the healing process. When I was discouraged, Jade was always there to encourage me and focus on the positive accomplishments. In my opinion, he stands out in his field as one of the very best — exceptional. I would recommend Jade to anyone and everyone in need of physical therapy services."

Nancy H., RN


"Jaded Body Wellness and Spine institute is great. Dr. Ekle really helped me get all my strength and stabilization back. He is really cool; he goes over a lot of stuff that will help me. He really helped me get to be able to do all my sports again! Overall, he is cool and he really helped me."

Austin C.

"I have been in physical therapy with Jade off/on for about 2 years for back neck and elbow issues. With his services I can function without having to depend on pain medications. I am able to lead an active life and enjoy the hobbies and sports I so enjoy. Thanks for giving me back my enjoyment and love for life without medications. You are the best."




"I am much stronger now that when I started physical therapy. [My therapist] listens to all my concerns and knows what my body needs to heal. It's my new happy place!!!"

Linda L.



​"Jade is amazing. He is highly professional. I have gone from barely able to walk to a normal lifestyle, without having to have surgery. I had herniated discs with bone fragmentations and couldn't walk without excruciating pain. Now 6 months later I feel like I am getting my life back. Jade is the best physical therapist in our community, and as far as I am concerned, he's the best in the state. I recommend Jade to everyone I know that has physical problems. Thank you Jade, you're the best."

Robert C.



"Jaded Body Wellness & Spine Institute works with the patient/client. The doctors really listen to what I have to say about my goals for health, body movement and strength. The employees work as a team. A very positive optimistic team. I’ve gained exercises for my lack of fitness and rebuilding slowly with tons of encouragement and support. Thank you JADED Team!!"

Mikkibeth G.



"Jade has a 6th sense about your body and what type of treatment works best. He truly wants to help you heal your body and has the knowledge & expertise to do just that."

Kim B.



​"Jaded has the top physical therapists in Anchorage and the Valley. They truly care about their patients and want them to get to full recovery as quickly as possible. Jaded is the only reason I am able to push my body to its potential at work and at the gym."

Kim D.


​"When I came into Jaded I struggled with balance, feeling depressed, because of my change in mobility. Since coming to Jaded I have become more confident in my ability to gain better balance. Dr. Jade challenges me to become stronger and believe in myself. Jaded Physical Therapy cares about you as a whole person and they take the time with each patient. I have recommended them to many people. Great business with great people."

Tina W.



"As a physical therapist Dr. Jade delivers his healing touch with precise knowledge. He is a gift to our community! Jade explains what is going on with your body in ways that are easy to understand. He listens and tunes into the whole person. Jade has taught me how to move with and let go of the fear that is attached to my hurting. My body smiles with delight and new found confidence after each treatment. His treatment techniques are powerfully amazing and so healing! Jade’s staff is just as friendly and professional as he is! His staff is ready to assist each client with a smile. Thank you Dr. Jade for helping make my life and body be in a better place!"

MTA Wellness



"As a Physical Therapist, Dr. Jade Ekle delivers his healing touch with precise knowledge. He is a gift to our community! Jade explains what is going on with your body in ways that are easy to understand. He listens and tunes into the whole person. Jade has taught me how to move with my body and to let go of the fear that is attached to hurting. My body smiles with delight and new found confidence after each treatment. His techniques are powerfully amazing and so healing!

Jade's staff is just as friendly and professional as he is! His staff is ready to assist each client with a smile. Thank you Dr. Jade, for helping my life and body be in a better place!"

L. Ransom



"Jaded PT is a great facility. The appointments are 1 hour each and they take the time to do manipulative therapy. They offer great results through the different therapies they offer. I love the cupping, dry needing and even the extra massage Nicole does, and the other doctors. They take the needed time for each of their patients. Kamie, the one who manages the front desk, is great. She always gets back to you and is willing to work with your schedule. She is extremely friendly! Thanks to Jaded for making my neck pain better by each visit."

Diane P.



"After suffering for two years with foot leg pain I was really hesitant when my doctor said physical therapy. I have tried physical therapy several times in my life never having much success. After being in so much pain I was ready to buy a cane. I thought that I would try it once more and after a few weeks I’ve noticed improvement. I have less pain, more strength and I’m more flexible. I actually look forward to my treatments."

Lisa T.



​"Our family has been coming here for the last 3 years. Our disabled daughter who has chronic medical problems, whom complained of headaches 24/7 due to previous side effects of her seizure meds, is no longer complaining of headaches after coming to Jaded. Her headaches greatly decreased and she is stable now. Her loud snoring every night has almost disappeared. It’s been a blessing to come here and have someone who goes above and beyond to help her. My son also had severe back pain and since coming here he is much better and stable now. We just love them. They’re considerate, flexible and professional. They’re more than just doctors, they’re friends and family too."

Bao X.



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